Attributes which make an escort special

Are you into dating escorts in London? I have been involved in the escort service in London for some time now, and I love it. However, it does not seem to matter what is said about escorts in London, we still seem to be some sort of alien species which gentlemen and ladies find it hard to relate to. When I tell folk that I work for London escorts, they still look at me in terror and are never sure what to say. I think that escorts are special, and you can even pinpoint the attributes which make escorts special.


If you would like to be a successful escort in London, you really do need to posses some special attributes. First of all, it is important to be open minded. I will admit to the fact that when I first got involved with escorting in London, I did not really know what it meant to be an escort. Most girls who join escort services like London escorts of assume it is all about being that perfect sex kitten. That is not necessarily true. If you want to be good at escorting, you need to appreciate you will have to be a sexy girl, a mum, sister and many other things. I could give you a list as long as your arm.


Do you need to look perfect? I would not say that you need to look perfect to work for an escort service in London. Some escort services in London publish these fantastic photoshopped photos of the girls who work for them. The problem is that they often give the gentlemen we date the wrong impression of an escort. Subsequently when a girl opens the door, she may not look as perfect as in the photo. We certainly don’t like misleading our followers here at London escorts so we stay away from photoshopping.


I would say that the majority of the gents I date at London escorts are a little bit lonely. That is often why a lot of gentlemen choose to date escorts in the first place. They have such busy lives that they simply do not have time for proper relationships, and they start to date escorts to enjoy some female companionship. There is no harm in that at all, but as an escort, you will have to realise that these gentlemen expect something totally different from you. If you ca handle that, you can certainly do very well as an escort in London.


One attribute that I think that all escorts in London need to have, is a little bit of craziness. I would say that a lot of the gentlemen I meet at London escorts have kind of boring lives, and they need to have some fun. That is why dating styles such as roleplay, BDSM and baby minding are so popular. When gents date escorts, they truly would like to have some fun, and the only way they get a chance to have that, is when the girl they are dating act a little bit crazy. I like being a little crazy, and I will admit to one of the most enjoyable way to date in London, is to step out of comfort zone and perhaps go for something like a role playing session with a hot escort.


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