I’m gonna give you some tips on dealing with stress

Okay, number one, sleep. Oh my God, just sleep. Sleep, please sleep. Getting enough sleep at night is one of the easiest things to do, whilst also being one of the hardest things to do, because most of us, do not get enough sleep. At the agency when the bookings are very high, I was terrible. I barely slept. I’m not sure how I functioned, but now I try and get eight to nine hours of sleep a night. And I realize it’s easier for me, because I am an Independent Escorts in London and so, I can kind of wake up whenever I want, but I do generally go to bed around 11 to midnight, after my date and then I’ll wake up between like seven and eight.

Weekends are a different story because most of my dates are book on weekends. But sleep is awesome and, getting the right amount of sleep a night, will do wonders for your stress levels and productivity. Also, don’t snooze your alarm.

Number two, take breaks. Whatever it is you’re doing, work, emails, revising, essays, just take a break, and do something else for a bit. I know I’ve mentioned this before, when I’m working, I take breaks to learn different skills so, I’ve learnt to knit, play guitar, do a Rubik’s Cube, juggle. All of these things that will focus your brain on a different task for a second, and help you de-stress, just take your mind off whatever it is that is stressing you out, and just focus on something else.

Another great thing you can do on a break is, meditation, or just relaxation exercises. I know that might sound a bit scary like, ooh, meditating, I can’t clear my mind. To begin with, I would just recommend sitting or lying in a comfortable position, with no distractions, and just concentrate on your breaths, just focus all of your attention on your breathing, for five minutes. Five minutes. Another great kind of break to take, Dance recess.

Number three, exercise. Exercise is not only great for your health and fitness, it’s also super fun and good for your mind. Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking I’m crazy, thinking that exercise is super fun but, I think it’s fun. I enjoy exercise. If you’re not really an exercise person, just going for a walk can be another great way to de-stress. And there’s this really great app called Earthmiles, that rewards you for simply walking. It’s kind of like airmiles, so the app syncs to an app on your phone that tracks your steps, and it will give you Earthmiles for walking, running, cycling, and then you can use those points to redeem different discounts and freebies.

There’s a whole bunch of health and wellness stuff on the app, as well as like fitness gear and fitness classes, like if you get enough points, you can go to a yoga class for free and, they’re kind of expensive sometimes. It’s a great way to motivate yourself into having a more healthy and active lifestyle, and that stuff helps with stress too.

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