In the past, I have all ways been easily depressed and down

When I encounter problems with my life, I always get discouraged and be depressed. But it all stopped when I was lucky enough to meet Karol when I booked a West Midland Escorts of, a sexy outcall escorts from £99 per hour.


I like to think that it was destiny that leads both of us together. It was the only one who made me realized that I am wasting so much time in my life. Karol took control of my life and helped me get back up on my feet. Even though I already have a job, Karol told me that I was not going anywhere with it because I was very miserable. My job made me sad, and Karol is the only one who could see it. I did not even realize that it is right until she told me about it.


My job was the main reason I was sad because it caused me a lot of pressure every day. Because of her, I got the courage to talk to my boss and ask for retirement. Although it was a terrifying move on my part, I was still very confident about myself because I know that Karol will always be there for me, and I was right. During the time that I struggled to find a job. This West Midland Escorts did not leave me at all. She remained by my side whenever she can until I finally found a job. I owe my life to her because I am pleased with my life now than before.


I do not feel sad or miserable anymore, and it is all because of her. I told Karol never to leave my side again and to quit her job. Even though she hesitated at first, I persuaded her to live with my wife to see if we can make our relationship work. After a few months, Karol and now is thrilled together by continually supporting each other and taking care of one another. I am sure that I had not met her; I would still be in the same job continuing my miserable life. She was the only girl that has seen my potential, and I promise to take care of her forever.


But a few months later, Karol was extremely sick; she could not even stand. When we got to the doctor, diagnosed with lower lung cancer. I could not accept the news, so we looked for another doctor, and the findings were still the same. I had to take the truth that Karol is dying, and she had a few months to live.

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